Photographic Tours

We currently offer two different tours and one special event:

Fine Art Desert Nude – Künstlerische Aktfotografie in der Wüste

We photograph Namibian models in some of the most scenic spots in Namibia. Body painting will be used to recreate ancient rock paintings on location. We will examine the concept of relationship in working with models with an emphasis on accepting as opposed to forcing poses.  We will also study the skills which liberate the photographer from the deliberate methodology that is so often hindering spontaneity. Join us for this intimate glimpse into modern and ancient Namibia!

Join the Desert Fine Art Nude 2019!

PDF-brochure: Fine Art Desert Nude 2019

PDF-Broschüre auf Deutsch:  Künstlerische Aktfotografie in der Wüste 2019

Video of a former tour (please ask me for the password)!

The next Desert Nude Tour: November 2019!

Other dates are possible, just ask.

Living Culture – Lebendige Kultur Namibias

We visit several indigenous tribes in Namibia, together with the founder of the Living Culture Museums. We are guaranteed a warm welcome and, in contrast to most touristic situations,  an atmosphere conducive to great images.

The Living Culture Tour 2020
Gao, a San elder, who lives in one of the Living Museums
/Gao, a San elder, who lives in one of the Living Museums in Namibia

pdf-brochure: The Living Culture Photo Tour

The next Living Culture Tour: February 21 – March 5, 2020

Other dates are possible, just ask.

Special Event: Olufuko

Accompany me as I officially cover the Olufuko Festival in the North of Namibia (‘Ovamboland’), about one week. This way you will get unrestricted access and otherwise impossible insights and photographic opportunities. This is a very rare opportunity and limited to only two photographers.

Olufuko is the age-old initiation rite for girls of the Oshivambo tribes that was forbidden by the missionaries but was resurrected by the founding president of Namibia, Dr. Sam Nujoma, in 2012. Today, it is maybe the only opportunity to witness original ancient Ovambo culture. A modern aspect of Olufuko is integration and Ovahimba have started to participate. The festival has yet to be discovered by tourism.

Photo gallery of Olufuko 2014 to come…

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