Self portrait of Namibian photographer Christian Goltz


Hello, my name is Christian Goltz.

I am a professional, internationally experienced and award winning photographer based in Windhoek, Namibia. kiss-of-light is my company and we offer various photographic services throughout Namibia. When I am not in Windhoek or on assignment I am at my tree house in the Erongo Mountains, chasing leopards and experimenting with aeolian harps.

I graduated from the New York Institute of Photography, am the founding president of the Photographic Society of Namibia and lecture photography at the University of Namibia. My personal teachers include Frans Lanting, Jock Sturges, Jim Zuckerman, Brenda Tharp and others. I also hold a doctorate in geophysics from Kyoto University but that’s not really important here.

Wedding and related photography (portraiture, fashion, events) is my passion. I take a combined fine art / photo-journalistic approach and I don’t follow any fads –  they will have changed when your  grandchildren look at your wedding pictures…

So why don’t you enjoy my galleries (still experimental!) on this site and, if you like them, get in touch!

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